Morombe, at 200 km to the north of Tulear, in the south - west side of Madagascar, is a small town in the county of Tulear with an airport, telephone, a network of mobile GSM and a broadband Internet connection, a bank, a post office, a gas station and a hospital.

Morombe is an inescapable stage of this inshore region between Tulear and Morondava where one finds the most beautiful lagoons of Madagascar, protected by the biggest coral gate of the world, as well as a fauna and an astonishing endemic flora, in particular several species of baobabs of which some are very enormous.

Morombe is lived by an endearing people, the vezo, semi nomad fishers who furrow this coast on their dugouts to pendulum, between the villages of Ifaty, Salary, Ambatomilo, the bay of the Assassins, Andavadoaka, Morombe being their logistical basis,.

It is an important port for the boats or schooners with veil that sail between Tulear and Morondava, at the same time as a boatyard or they are hand-made according to traditional methods. It is also a center of sea products collection and a famous agricultural area.


You can come to Morombe by plane, once per week from Tana, Morondava and Tulear, according to the season. From Tulear, you can choose the road (280 km) that crosses the rear country masikoro where is cultivated rice, cassava, corn, pea of the Cape and cotton, or the inshore track (210 km), that borders magnificent even virgin turquoise lagoons and crossbar of fantastic forests of spiny and of baobabs that shelter the Mikeas, a small difficult legendary group to approach.

In season of rains, the roads are sometimes difficult, a 4x4 and an experienced driver is counseled. The access by the sea is also possible in some conditions. We can organize your travel from Tulear to Morombe, we can even welcome you at the airport.